1. Perform routine daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly electrical systems maintenance tasks in line with the planned preventative maintenance schedule. 
  2. Be responsible for site electrical tools.
  3. Troubleshoot and replacement of faulty, dead bulbs and switches.
  4. Troubleshoot electrical faults (open circuit, short circuit, partial contact) in an electrical circuit.
  5. Troubleshoot faults on electrical motors, pumps. Report and give recommendations on repair/replacements.
  6. Troubleshoot and solve electrical faults in control panels for water treatment plants (WTP), sewage treatment plants (STP), and fire hydrant pump panels.
  7. Carry out minor electrical installations on sites.
  8. Responsible for the control of common area lights (where necessary).
  9. Work with the plumbers (site and mobile) in the plumbing system on the site. • Take charge of operating the generator where the generator attendant is not available.
  10. Record generator running hours and keep generator checklist up to date. Note service dates for the generator.
  11. Take record of daily public power supply.
  12. Report to your supervisor on a regular basis regarding workload, quality of workmanship, and key issues or challenges.
  13. Ensure that all works are carried out in line with company HSE policies. Principal Accountabilities/ Key Result Areas:
  14. Be familiar with the critical infrastructure systems including, high and low voltage networks, fire alarms, generators, UPS, lighting and access control systems, etc. of the building.
  15. Establish to an educated level the layout of all electrical and mechanical plant rooms and secondary distribution points.
  16. Develop a clear understanding of the design and operating principal of all electrical and related building services plant and equipment.

Knowledge, Skills Experience, and Competencies:


Appropriate electrical qualification; Technical School, OND, HND.


Minimum 3 to 5 years post qualification experience within the maintenance services market sector preferably in a commercial or large residential environment Core.


  1. Ability to read and interpret circuit diagrams
  2. Basic knowledge of the principle of the operation of air conditioner and refrigerator
  3. Basic knowledge of firefighting and prevention activities.
  4. Basic knowledge of safety.
  5. Be able to communicate effectively in English.